Health Benefits of ZZT

Mary Tan is the master authorized retailer of ZZT services. She have 40 years of experience in maintaining youthful appearance and health. She believe that every individual’s health benefits can be optimized, through  meridian healing techniques.

In today’s society, she witnessed many people in their 40s, experiencing many stress related diseases like aches and pains in their body. She said that meridian regulation is the key to successful health.

Till date, she had already transformed the health of many people, and had also been recognized as one of the leading beauty and wellness industry of Singapore.

We have many testimonials from all walks of life, claiming on ZZT’s health benefits that it provides.

Eliminating Root Cause of Illness

ZZT TCM-ancient scriptIn accordance of the Esoteric Scripture of the Yellow Emperor (Huangdi Neijing), the cause of all negative distress or disease, origins from a disruption of the body’s energy system.

Such pathways, or meridians, are the root cause of all illness. These systems must be unblocked and aligned, in order for healing to happen.

This lost ancient methodology was used and kept as a closely guarded secret practice by imperial physicians, to maintain the emperors’ health since 5,000 years ago.

Researchers then uncovered this secret, incorporating technology with this ancient meridian healing into today’s ZZT health meridian services.

Returning the Natural State of Our Organs

meridian therapy

This ZZT Meridian Therapy assist your body in a form of sound energy, to regulate, unblock and facilitate meridian circulation throughout the body.

It is scientifically proven that healthy organs resonate at it’s customized frequency. Therefore, in order to promote healthy organs, we are able to use acoustic frequency to resonate and restore healthy organs.

Just like you would need to calibrate your musical instruments regularly to stay in tune, the sound frequency of ZZT will influence the calibration of your meridians and blood, restoring healthy natural body balance, detoxifying your organs. Therefore, promoting overall health benefits & mental well being.

Health Benefits of Cleansing Your Meridians

ZZT meridian therapy effectively cleanses the twelve meridians, balances our natural organs’ state and promote Qi flow throughout the body. This creates an energy state, equivalent to doing qigong exercises.

Cleansing of meridians also helps in improving vitality, regulation of body temperature, improving of healthy cellular production.

Smooth Qi movement throughout the body assist in the body’s restoration of strength, vitality, flexibility and the body’s natural recovery system.

Therefore, many people with different types of chronic illnesses see themselves better managing their conditions after using ZZT services. 

For a start, most people will also first notice a better quality of sleep after several times of usage.

Hence, this is the perfect health integration of ancient wisdom and modern technology.

Gentle, Safe and Non-Invasive

With an intensive 30 years of intensive research and development, ZZT Meridian health services had incorporated technology with this ancient imperial health techniques, to bring you a more effective alternative therapy in providing many health benefits to both healthy individuals and individuals who are managing chronic illness.

This service is so gentle, that it can be even customized for kids below 9 years old.

This is also surprisingly and effectively done, without using any accupuncture needles, moxibustion, taking herbal supplements or medication.

ZZT Therapy Twice Daily, Provides Health Benefits of:

Relieves Aches & Pains

Increased Vitality

Better Quality of Sleep

Improve Body Detox

Emotional Well Being

Promote Self-Healing


Mary Tan had formulated Acu-Remedy (which is known as 急救三穴), which is a specialized customized service on top of our deluxe ZZT Meridian Therapy Service. We will access on the individual’s needs, to maximize on the health benefits that one’s desire.

By harnessing ZZT’s sound frequency onto specific regions of the body, it amplifies the individual’s desired health improvement and promote faster healing rate.

We had many customers being educated on various Acu-remedy techniques, while they are using the ZZT meridian therapy services.

Health Benefits Acu-remedy
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