What Are Meridians?

meridians system

Meridians are utilized mostly through Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which is a form of ancient medical practice that originates from china.

Meridians Are Invisible Channels That Transports Energy

Meridians, which is known as “jing luo”(经络) in chinese, are invisible pathways that transports energy in our body. This energy is our body’s life force, which is also known as “chi”(氣).

This is believed that our life force travels through our meridian systems. Anything that blocks or disturbs these system will cause illnesses.

As most acupuncture and acupressure points resides within these meridian systems, many TCM practitioners and massage therapist stimulate these points, with the usage of acupuncture needles, moxibustion, or manipulation (推拿) to re-balance and unblock the flow of these forces within the meridian. In fact, there are more than three hundred of these accupoints within our meridian system.

The Flow of Our Chi

Within the basis of human body, there are 12 organs meridians and 2 principle meridians. Each specialized organ meridian is believed to influence a specific organ and travels through our body, ending on either the hand or the foot.

Organs that are of solid properties such as our heart, lungs, spleen, liver and kidneys, are referred to as yin organs. While organs with hollow properties, such as our gall bladder, stomach, bladder, small and large intestines, are referred to as yang organs.

Similarly, meridians that interacts with yin organs are referred to as yin meridians, while those interacts with yang organs are known as yang meridians. Yin meridians run along the inner part of the limbs and yang meridians run along the outer part of the limbs.

The Flow of Qi Through Our Meridians System

Under TCM context, chi is thought to flow within the meridian system, starting from the chest region, along the 3 arm yin system (namely the lungs, heart and pericardium) to the hands. From there, they are interconnected with the other 3 arm yang system (small intestines, large intestines and triple warmer) that leads to the head. From there, they are interconnected to 3 corresponding leg yang system (bladder, stomach, and gallbladder) which flows down to the toes. They are then interconnected in the feet through the 3 leg yin system (kidney, spleen, or liver), which travels back to the chest region.

Apart on the 12 organ meridian systems, the 2 principle meridians, known as the Governing Meridian known as “ren mai” (任脉) and the Conception Meridian known as “du mai” (督脉). These 2 principle meridians provide further connections between the 12 organ meridian systems.

Our Effective Approach Towards Unblocking The Meridians

meridians manualMr Xiao Zhengyi (肖正一) had worked with a group of research scientists, discovered an effective approach towards unblocking the meridians system.  His research team had discovered that sound frequency is an effective tool that is capable to unblock these meridian systems.

By allowing sound frequency to resonate from a range of 10Hz – 1ooHz, it is proven to transmit and unblock meridian systems effectively. Therefore, these knowledge was combined and the ZZT meridian device was created, which utilizes sound vibration to promote meridian health.

As Featured in Many Singapore Newspaper like Shin Min Daily, Lian He Zhao Bao, Lian He Wan Bao, Epoch Times, many of our customers have willingly shared with the press, on the benefits of ZZT Health Therapy. We have also made a compilation of testimonial video through our short ZZT Health Introduction Video.

Today, we have already helped thousands of people from all walks of life and all ages, achieving a better quality of health and wellness.

For more inspiration, feel free to refer to our testimonial section.

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