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ZZT Health Meridian Therapy Has Around 30 Years Of History In Bringing Health And Beauty To All Walks Of Life.

ZZT Health Meridian Therapy utilizes sound energy to resonate with our Qi in the body, promoting Qi and blood circulation within the body. This sound therapy helps the body to become more effective in both detoxification and cellular regeneration. We Have Transformed The Lives Of Thousands By Providing Them With Sustainable Solutions For Many Health Related Problems.

Till date, this device had helped thousands of individuals in improving their health and well being.

ZZT health meridian resonance frequencyThis ZZT Health Meridian Therapy utilizes a form of sound energy from 10 – 100Hz, to regulate, unblock and facilitate meridian circulation throughout the body.

It is also scientifically proven that our healthy organs resonate at it’s different and unique frequency. Therefore, in order to promote healthy organs, we are able to use acoustic frequency to callibrate and restore healthy organs.

This restores healthy natural body balance, detoxifying your organs, thus promoting overall health & mind well being.

ZZT Health Therapy Had Been Tried By Many Satisfied People.

Many individuals have been extremely satisfied with this device. Most of them noticed desirable health results.

As this is a sound device, it is extremely safe for usage.

We had already transformed the lives of thousands of individuals, from the youngest of age, till the oldest of all.

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Lives Changed Through ZZT Health Therapy

As our forte lies within meridian health management, our expertise lies in managing stress related lifestyle symptoms, which are the root causes of all major chronic illnesses.


Tested, Proven and Practiced, By Imperial TCM Physicians 5,000 Years Ago

ZZT health TCM-ancient scriptBased on the Esoteric Scripture of the Yellow Emperor (Huangdi Neijing), the cause of all negative distress or disease, origins from a disruption of the body’s energy system.

Such pathways, or meridians, must be unblocked and aligned, in order for healing to happen.

This lost ancient methodology was used and kept as a secret practice by imperial physicians, to maintain the emperors’ health since 5,000 years ago. 

This Esoteric Scripture was documented for five millenniums, in which many imperial physicians conducted a collaborative, intensive study on the difference of diagnosis and treatment, between the physical lifestyle of the imperial royal families, and the commoners.

Fortunately, the chapter on meridian and health was eventually recovered and practiced in many aspects of ZZT Meridian Health services.


Modern People Are Like Ancient Emperors

In our modern society, we had discovered many similar lifestyle habits of our emperors and our modern day people.

Therefore, we had witnessed it’s efficiency upon application of this meridian therapy to modern day people.

We utilizes sound meridian healing therapies. Since then, we had received countless of testimonials and compliments from all walks of life, ever since I-Beauty Medispa had began practicing meridian healing.

ZZT health xiao-zhengyi-interviewZZT Health Meridian Therapy Founder

Mr Xiao Zhengyi (肖正一) born in 1950, is the inventor of ZZT Meridian Therapy. When he was a child, he loves to read, study and conduct science experiments. At the age of 9, he read and book called “What Scientists Talk About in the 21st Century”. As he was inspired in one of the chapter within the book, that there will be a possibility of an instrument that could help people to treat all kinds of pain and diseases.

Ever since then, he was inspired in the idea and had even dreamt of creating such an instrument. As he grew up, he worked and study hard in the faculty of medicine, researching in the body’s mechanism in healing and fighting against diseases.

He had also expressed interest in traditional chinese medicine, especially in the area of accupuncture and qigong. He started to practice these knowledges; yet he find it difficult to get many others to practice what he had learnt. This is also the fact that accupoints requires precision to locate, while qigong requires patience, focus and dedication to practice.

As the year approaches early 1990s, he had observed that there were already many kinds of health machines, all of which engages electrical, thermal and magnetic means. But all these were not up to his expectation, as these could not effectively unblock all twelve meridians.

Later in his research, there was a Japanese Professor conducting a research on meridians. He had discovered that sound can be transmitted through the meridian route. Mr Xiao began to research more into acoustic waves and meridians. These knowledge was combined and the first ZZT meridian device was created, which utilize sound vibration to promote meridian health.

ZZT Health first gen machine

After the first generation of ZZT meridian device that he had developed, he continued to improve on it’s technology. This technology had enabled the realization of the famous Chinese scientist Dr. Qi Kezhen’s prophecy.

Mr. Xiao Zhengyi became the world’s first acoustic Meridian treatment, also known as the father of sonic medicine.

In Summary: ZZT Health Meridian had been patented for its’ innovation on using a multi-frequency sound energy, that had scientifically concluded to stimulate meridian channels throughout the body. This provides a safer and non-invasive alternative to accupuncture, manipulation or other health therapeutic means.

ZZT Health Meridian Acoustic Therapy Patent

Patent Number:ZL 2010 1 0001026.X

ZZT Health Awards ZZT Health Awards

Singapore ZZT Health Therapy Authorized Distributor

Mary Tan, director of I-Beauty Medispa Pte Ltd, is Singapore’s ZZT authorized distributor. She has over 40 years of experience in bringing health and beauty to all walks of lives.

She had been featured in many Singapore’s newspapers and had won many awards pertaining to the beauty and health industry of Singapore. She is also one of the pioneer of bringing in FloatMe – A magnesium floatation therapy that helps people to relieve stress, promoting health and growing beauty from within.

“We Are Not Satisfied Until You Are”, that is their slogan.

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