ZZT Meridian Therapy

ZZT Meridian Therapy Is A Safe Health Therapy

ZZT Health Therapy utilizes sound frequency, which is a safe health alternative therapy. This health management service is what we recommend to most our customers.

Harnessing This Modern Acoustic Technology, We Are Able To Access on Customized Needs, Thus Promoting A Healthy Meridian System.

This service is safe, non-invasive and can be generally used by all ages.

This unique energy therapy system regulates your body “Qi” through a complex network of meridian system.

ZZT TCM meridian therapy-ancient script

Proven Health Benefits By Many Chinese Emperors for Five Millenniums.

As accordance to the Esoteric Scripture of the Yellow Emperor (Huangdi Neijing), the cause of all negative distress or disease, origins from a disruption of the body’s energy system.

Such pathways, or meridians, must be unblocked and aligned, in order for healing to happen.

This lost ancient methodology of meridian therapy was used and kept as a secret practice by imperial physicians, to maintain the emperors’ health since 5,000 years ago. 

Fortunately, the chapter on meridian and health was eventually recovered and incorporated into our ZZT meridian technology.

meridian therapy

ZZT Meridian Therapy Effectively Helps Unblock Meridians.

This assist your body in a form of sound energy, to regulate, unblock and facilitate meridian circulation throughout the body.

It is scientifically proven that healthy organs resonate at it’s customized frequency. Therefore, in order to promote healthy organs, we are able to use acoustic frequency to resonate and restore healthy organs.

This restores healthy natural body balance, detoxifying your organs, thus promoting overall health & mind well being.

20 Minutes of ZZT Meridian Therapy, Twice a Day Helps in

Relieves Aches & Pains

Increased Vitality

Better Quality of Sleep

Improve Body Detox

Emotional Well Being

Promote Self-Healing

ZZT Testimonials

Ever since we had implemented ZZT Meridian Therapy into Singapore, we had witness from the many customers who are suffering from the common long term chronic illnesses, to the minor health issues like children and young adults suffering from sinus and runny nose, had shared with us  how their health had improved through this service.

ZZT Meridian Therapy With Consultation

We are currently providing a 12 session of ZZT trial service at $120, with a complimentary meridian health analysis consultation (Worth $240.00).

Our health analysis is capable of allowing us to understand your health and the customization of your therapy better. 

Please fill up your particulars and we will get back to you via appointment shortly.

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