Can Your Pets Use ZZT

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Can your pet dog use ZZT?

Recently, one of our regular customers asked us a question: “Can my pet dog use ZZT Meridian Therapy?”

This is a pretty interesting question.

As you are already one of our frequent readers, you know that ZZT Meridian Therapy unblocks the body’s meridians, therefore, assisting the body’s recovery system.

In fact, all living things have it’s set of meridian systems.

As illustration below, is obtained from pinterest, this is the canine accupressure meridian chart.

dog meridian chart

As we learnt from our customer that his pet dog has a lack of vitality. It often look extremely tired throughout the day and they had went to visit the vet.

The vet had informed him that the dog has no issue, while the lack of vitality is merely a sign of old age.

After listening to his case, we had then informed him to do several acu-remedy sessions (kidney, liver, triple burner metabolic points) for his beloved pet dog.

As you can see on the video below, he had told us that his dog extremely enjoyed it’s ZZT health meridian session.

After a period of one week, our customer is extremely thankful, as he said that this old dog regained its’ vitality and looks like it is recharged, young and lively again.

This brings us to a conclusion that all living things rely on not only just good nutrients, but a good meridian circulation system, in order to live at the best of health.


Another of our client, Jean, not only uses ZZT to improve her own health, she also uses it for her beloved dogs.

Her 11 yr-old dog used to suffer from incontinence and has very little energy to move around. ZZT helped improve his condition and his energy levels.

The younger one loves doing ZZT. He is usually restless but when it comes time to do the therapy, he will sit there for 10mins without fidgeting.

Look at how they are enjoying the treatment😍

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