Fire: An Element of Summer

Fire is one of the five elements, that many TCM practitioners use, as a reference system of how our organs work together. It enables us to also understand the laws of nature, as well as the interactions within our bodies.
5 elements TCM

For example, the heart’s electricity is at its highest in summer. As it had also been shown through Chinese historical records, that coronary heart is related to the fire element.

Sometimes, even living in warm climates like Singapore, we also recognize that the heat during our “hot season”; particularly during March – August, can also be overwhelming sometimes. The best thing you can think of nature can provide during this season, is to balance out the “fire” element with “water” element, or simply to say, this hot sunny weather will feel better, after a heavy thunderstorm.

Water Controls Fire

Whereas for our health, the water element interconnects to our kidneys. Within our body system, TCM practitioner believe that the kidney system is responsible in activation of “water element energy”, to balance our our the coronary heart’s “fire element energy”.

Just like how as water balances out heat in nature, the kidney calms the coronary heart within the body.

So if you want to have a good heart, please also have a healthy and balanced kidney.


Fire Is One Of The Five Elements, That We Utilize In ZZT Health Acu-Remedy To Help Many People With Heart & Cardiovascular Issues.

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