Hair Loss Improvement & Able To Walk Longer Distance

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Hair loss is not an issue to him. But after using ZZT meridian therapy for 12 months, he discovered that not only his hair grew more, but more importantly, his vitality and complexion had improved.

He is a Beijing elderly who loves to stroll in the park everyday. As his primary concern is his mobility and chronic fatigue, he constantly feels tired and could not walk long distance. He used to suffer from shortness of breath, only after walking for 200 meters – 300 meters.

Hair Loss & Blood Circulation Improved After 12 Months

After using ZZT meridian therapy for a 12 months, not only did his hair became darker, but also that his complexion had improved significantly from pale, to a reddish glow.

ZZT meridian therapy is known to possess a fundamental benefit of unblocking meridians in the body, which promotes overall health.

For his case, ZZT meridian therapy focuses on assisting and establishing both his blood circulation quality and also the kidney meridian, which under accordance to the Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor or Esoteric Scripture of the Yellow Emperor, is responsible in the nourishment of our bones and our hair.

He had also appeared in CNTV China TV, interviewing his experience on using ZZT Meridian Therapy.

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