Healing Foods & Body Meridians Are Natural Medicine

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Ginger is one of the healing foods we usually consume.

Can only healing foods be considered, as a form medication?

In philosophical terms, the food that we eat is formed by sunlight; water and soil. The energy that the universe produces, comes together to create these food. Therefore, every food or herb has a purpose and plays specific benefits to your body.

In the spiritual context, all the essence of these healing foods, originates from the same source. That is a product of mother nature. In our natural genetic code, we all possess a certain form of memory that was constantly brought down from generations to generations.

If you live closely enough with nature, your body has the natural capability, to subconsciously identify and process with our five senses, to use foods and herbs to sustain a healthy body.

Unfortunately, most of us no longer feel this. As living in developed countries with cities and buildings, made us lose touch with the essence of mother nature.

healing foods

Healing Foods Under TCM Understanding

For hundreds of years, tcm has prescribed meals and herbs as a remedy for many kinds of illnesses. Yes, TCM has a long understanding of the healing properties of food, which are beyond the ways of its’ nutrients, energy and vitamins. Every healing foods have an energy that travels thru and flow within specific meridians (energy pathways) in the body to heal specific organs.

Therefore, these ancient medical practices have deep connection, to both spiritual and the laws of nature. These TCM practitioners were able to perceive and visualize exactly, how these healing foods and herbs are able to “move” and interact with the body.

TCM classifies these healing foods into 2 categories.

  1. These foods are part of what you usually eat in part of your health meals, that consists of broccoli, cucumber, rosemary, peppermint, celery, carrots, apples, pineapples, ginger and pears.
  2. The second includes ingredients are exclusive foods and herbs like of ginseng, goji berries, cordyceps  and coix seed (which sometimes also referred to as “chinese barley”). These healing foods or herbs are a few often prescribed by many TCM Chinese physicians.

The Healing Connection of Our Body Relies Beyond just Healing Foods

ZZT TCM-ancient scriptWith a better understanding of nature, we will notice how we, as living things consume these healing foods, yet realizing that it is pretty ineffectiveness.

Oh?! If this is so, I believe you might also ask one or some of these questions stated below:

If we are eating these healing foods, why are we still not able to witness these full restoration?

Why do people still get chronic illness, even after sticking to these beneficial foods?

Why some people gets heart attack, even when sticking to a healthy diet?

Why do we also become overweight easily, after we reach to a certain age?

To get support from these beneficial foods, our bodies also needs to be in balance. All of our organs should restore its’ harmony. By effectively stimulating your body’s meridian system, your organs will start to work in its’ natural state. Therefore, effective energy transfer between our organ meridians and healing foods will take place. This will maximize your personal healing capability and you will realize that you are truly healthy, after we find this energy balance in both taking healing foods and restoring our meridians.

For example, without a strong gastric and intestine meridian, your stomach will not produce proper digestive juices, while your intestines are not able to produce beneficial enzymes to further break down food. Therefore, you are then no longer capable of extracting any beneficial essences from the healing foods that you eat. Furthermore, you are also not able to process all the fundamental nutrients needed for body restoration. But then, understanding the digestive system is just the tip of the ice berg.

That’s right, the next organ that is responsible on transferring these digested nutrients to all our cells in the body, which is the spleen. It plays an important role in our blood, and it also relates very closely to our digestive system. This is by providing our blood an effective delivery system of these nutrients. The spleen, then allows our heart, to circulate all these nutrients into our cells.

Therefore, all organ systems plays an important role and they require each other interdependently, in order to function and heal properly. If one organ is weak or out of it’s natural state, the entire body can become unhealthy.


Our body falls out of harmony and balance constantly. It will also affect the effectiveness of taking these healing foods. When these meridian imbalance occurs, you might likely feel discomfort within your body.

If these minor discomfort are not taken care of properly, the body might even flare up into a big imbalance, which causes illness to likely occur. Thus, the expression, “you’re what you eat” still holds true. But a more superior way of phrasing health, will be “you are, how you feel.”

If we look at this through TCM nature’s point of view, we will free ourselves from the thought that merely eating healthy, will give us health. Our meridian systems, governs our well being, which includes our health, thoughts, emotions and vitality.

That’s right. That is why after reading this article, you will realize with relying just on healing foods to promote our health, it is merely a one sided street.

This is also why, we are committed in doing this and many proven testimonials had led to us being featured in many newspapers, videoshows, magazine and seminars, since 2016.

ZZT Meridian Therapy is very effective in helping you on changing your health, your mind and your life.

We have already helped hundreds of individuals, who are suffering from many different kinds of chronic illnesses.

Write to us and we are always here, to listen on how we can help you become truly healthy.

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