Managing Diabetes Have Never Been Easier

managing diabetes Testimonial

Mr Wong had been managing diabetes for more than a decade. Whilst taking medications prescribed from doctors, he had also been constantly adopting a healthy diet, exercising after work, and also taking health supplements recommended by others.

Unfortunately, managing diabetes is still extremely challenging to him, as his blood sugar level is constantly unstable. This leaves him always feeling dizzy, fatigue and numbness over his legs.

He had shared stories with us that he had always pull over to the side of the road to take short naps, before he can continue picking up other passengers.

There are many times that he felt nausea and thirsty, he have to frequently go for many toilet and coffee breaks. This makes it even more challenging for him on both achieving his quota in his career and making ends meet.

Diabetes and it’s symptoms had been hindering his life for the past 16 years.

After receiving Acu-Meridian and ZZT Therapy from I-Beauty Medispa for 3 months, he discovered that he is able to become better at managing diabetes, sugar perimeters and also this career productivity.

In a short span of 8 months, he is astonished that his blood sugar level is now at a pre-diabetic level.

I am impressed with I-Beauty Medispa’s staff and their services. With only a short therapy time of 3 months, I perform better at work. After 8 months, I see results!

Managing Diabetes now, is easier than before. With this settled, my mind is more at peace, as my productivity had increased, making more money from my job.

I am more than glad to recommend my family members and loved ones to use their products and services.

His is now extremely satisfied with our services, as he had recently been informed by the doctor, to be able to reduce his current medication.

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