Ms Qing Qing Had Her Blood Sugar Managed

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Ms Qing Qing,is an active and outgoing lady in her mid 40s. As she is in a high level corporate career environment, she faces constant stress from her workload. Regardless of her healthy lifestyle upkeep since young, she was still diagnosed with diabetes when she was 30 years old.

Battling to control her blood sugar for 10 years

She had also shared with us, that she had been battling on controlling her blood sugar ever since. And could only find a way to control this situation through medication.

As she had learnt from her friends about the long term side effects of medication in general, she decided to seek for an alternative therapy, hoping that she is able to control her blood sugar better, instead of constantly relying on medications.

After learning about ZZT Meridian Therapy and its’ benefits through Shin Min Local Newspaper, she decided to give it a try.

As also stated on the newspaper, her blood sugar level had decreased from 12.4 to 8.9 within just 1 hour. Generally the average blood sugar for adults, is ranged between 5.5 to 6.

She also said “I want to introduce this amazing ZZT Therapy, to people who are suffering from the same problem as me”.

Therefore, ZZT health continues to provide ZZT meridian services to helping people with many other health related conditions.

Witness It For Yourself

We are willing to provide a live demonstration to you, in terms managing your blood sugar within 1 hour!

Simply register with us below, while our representative will reserve an appointment slot with you shortly.

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