Paul’s Prostate Condition Has Improved, Thanks to ZZT Meridian Therapy

Paul had been battling for a couple of months with the frustration of frequently waking up in the middle of the night, feeling the urgent need to urinate, and a sharp pain around the bladder/prostate region.

He understands that this is a very common problem in males as they age. Because he has friends who complained of similar condition. But Paul was also worried that these symptoms might lead to complications such as prostate inflammation or prostate cancer, if left untreated.

Through recommendation and some online research, Paul got to know about ZZT Meridian Therapy. At first, he was very sceptical because he wasn’t all that confident in TCM and knew next to nothing about meridians.

With a leap of faith, he decided to try ZZT Meridian Therapy to end his frustration once and for all. He thought that even if the therapy could not help with his condition, at least it’s not invasive.

To his surprise, just after religious usage for 3 days, his frequency of urination had decreased. Suspicious of such fast results, he put it down to psychological effect. Nonetheless, he was happy that he did not have to suffer from poor sleep because of the frequent urination, he continued with the therapy.

After weeks of usage and a lot of advice and encouragement from Mary (sole distributor of ZZTHealth), he is convinced of the treatment effects of ZZT Meridian Therapy. Now, he even goes to their ZZT health seminars to share his experience, encouraging people with issues similar to his, to use ZZT Health Therapy.

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