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An article from a Singapore Chiropractor:

Do you think that a chiropractor is just someone that will make your back crack and will then let you go on your way after the session? This is definitely not true as a Singapore Chiropractor from Light Chiropractic would attest. What a chiropractor’s main goal is not simply to help you relieve your back pains but also to make sure that your pain-free back will remain even between adjustments. How a chiropractor works is by performing manipulations of the spine which will be used to align any misalignments detected on the spine and this can help in releasing any painful pressure that you might feel around your neck, head and back. However chiropractors from Singapore knows exactly what it takes to be able to maintain wellness. In this article we will talk about the steps that you have to follow. These are quite simple tips intended to keep your neck and back aligned and limit the pain you feel in both your nerves and muscles.

Tip #1: Start Each Day With A Simple Stretch

When you start your day, you should always begin with a simple  stretch. Depending on how you would start each day can be a great deal in determining how often the lower part of your back would ache as the day ends. The best time to stretch as you start your day is before even you get up and get out of your bed as our singapore chiropractor would tell you. Apart from that you can also choose to cut some damaging habits such as crossing of the legs and sitting up. This is to ensure that you will be able to keep your back and neck free of any pain between your visits from your favorite chiropractor in Singapore.

Tip #2: Sit Ups are a No-No

You might be surprised to hear this article say that you should refrain from doing sit-ups. Indeed, a strong abdominal set of muscles are necessary to reduce the pains you might feel in your back. However if you already are harboring pains in the back, the usual crunches or sit-ups that are parts of your exercise routine may actually do damage and make it more painful, says the chiropractor from Singapore. But there are still other abdominal exercises that you can perform that can increase the strength of your core as well as reduce back pains. You can instead choose to stay stationary on a plank pose which is one of the poses in the popular exercise yoga. The way you perform this is by lying on your tummy then slowly lifting your body by your arms so that you are trying to maintain balance on both your toes and your hands. The exercise is quite similar to a push up. Try to hold this position for as long as possible, then you can try to extend the times once you start to get the hang of it.

Another pose you can perform is the side plank. This can also strengthen your core without giving you any backaches. The way this one is performed by doing the basic plank position first then you slowly rotate the body on your left as though you are trying to balance on your left arm as it is stretched. Then you do the same with the left foot. You can choose to stack the right foot over the left foot or you can choose to place the left foot down if you are finding difficulty in gaining balance. After that, you have to outstretch your right arm. Try to maintain this position for an extended amount of time or for as long as it is still comfortable. After that do the entire exercise again but this time switch sides.

Tip #3: Try Stretching the Hamstrings

The Singaporean Chiropractor exclaimed that there have been more patients who suffer from pain in the lower back sit. There reason for this is primarily because of their work where they are required to either sit at their desk for an entire day. This can seem absurd as they have more issues in the back sometimes than people that work in say, manual laborers. The reason for this is because of how our hamstrings can get tangled up because of the way that we are spending way too much time while we sit in our chairs in our car or at work. Because of this whenever we start standing back up again from the countless hours of sitting, we damage our hamstrings by pulling on the body’s pelvis. This unfortunately causes a lot of back pain and misalignment in the spine. But by doing an easy to follow stretch, you can fight this effect. When you are lying down on your bed face up, try wrapping a device called yoga belt in and around your foot then try pulling your up leg in an effort to keep it straight. You can then start to feel that your legs are stretching all along the entire length of the limb. After which, you can then choose to stretch out your either legs across the area on your groin. You can do this over the right leg to the left and do it again in reverse. And finally away and out from your core and towards the hips. Try doing this exercise for a minute and a half everyday before getting out of bed.

Tip #4: Singapore Chiropractor Warns us on Mobile Devices

Like what I-Beauty Medispa Nutritionist stated on his earlier article: 4 Simple Ways To Improve Your Posture, you have to try to curb the habit of staring down at your phone. From time to time you will have to look at your phone but you should find a way to at the very least change the way you look. The most likely case when you look at your device is you will find your chin going from your chest to the neck doing a curve which can curve wickedly when looked at from the side. This is the most common bad habit that does damage to your neck. What most people do not realize is how heavy the weight of a person’s head it when compared in proportion to the strength of a spine. How much you bend your head away from our neck when you look down on your phone, the more it can cause strains that later become pains on your back. This is because bones and specifically the discs in your spine will begin mashing together and this sensation will cause pain. Phones are not the only ones to blame here as there are plenty of handheld devices nowadays that can cause people to look at their phones for entire hours upon hours. Some of these devices are gaming consoles for younger people. To curb the effect on your neck, try to prop your arms up in a way that you would not have to look at your mobile device directly. This bad behavior can creep up to you even while you are in bed while you are reading a book or reading something on your device. Try to hold up the device while your knees are bent. Do this instead of looking down on your hands above your lap.

Tip #5: The Car’s Headrest

Even with all our best attempts of curbing any pains we feel in our body, there will always be times that we would be spending days upon days staring flatly at computer screens or reading materials, with our necks curved downwards towards the media. Wherever you go for a drive, you can release a bit of the stress that may be building up from your neck to your back. When you are driving, try laying your head back towards the car’s headrest. By doing this simple thing you can naturally raise up your chin in a comfortable manner and you can then take off some of the strain that you are putting on the muscles in your neck. And more importantly you can give it the rest that in needs all the while you are doing something that you are already doing on a regular basis. Another option is you can also try to place your hands against your head and then pushing gently your head forward to your palms.

Tip #6: Do not lie on Your Tummy for Long Periods

As another precaution, we should try to stop sleeping on our bellies especially if we had too much to eat. While belly snoozing can be very comfy at times, it might actually just be the worst possible position for anyone to lay in. You should try to turn your entire head to either the right or the right, to sleep like this and in all likeliness, this will create a strain on the neck. You can instead choose to lay with pillows under your back or knees if you find it more comfortable to do so.

Conclusion from Singapore Chiropractor:

It will never be easy to reduce strains in the body but what the Singapore chiropractor is going to tell you is that all the damage done to your body will not be solved by him alone but by a conscious effort to curb our bad habits.


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