Thank You For Solving My Child’s Constipation and Bed Urine Problems

bed urine problem

Name: Mr Chai

Age of Son: 7 Years Old

Location: Beijing, China

Having frequent constipation, snoring and bed urine problems.




Mr Chai's son, Chai Cheng Xuan, is a 7-year-old who suffers from frequent snoring and bed urine problems. When he is snoring at night, his mouth opens wide and looks like he is gasping for air. His parents were worried as there are dangers of suffocation during snoring and his snore is disturbingly loud. He also has bladder problems. For a 7 year old boy, he confess to continue on using diapers when sleeping at night.

He also suffers from constipation. He only has a bowel movement in every three days.

After experiencing ZZT Meridian Therapy on August 2nd, Mr Chai stated that his son gradually have more regular bowel movement, especially after the 4th ZZT Meridian Therapy session. Snoring was also gradually reduced, and his mouth opened lesser when he sleeps. His frequency of urination during his sleep also reduced dramatically.

After three months of ZZT Meridian Therapy session, he have regular bowel movements and does not require diapers. The whole family is very happy and satisfied on the results.

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