The Science & Art of Health

Mary Tan, director of I-Beauty Medispa, has over 40 years of experience in bringing health and beauty to people from all walks of lives.

In recent years, she emphasizes the importance of health regulation and maintenance through acoustic meridian therapy. In today’s society, she witnessed many people, even those as young as their 30s, experiencing many aches/pains and various sub-health conditions.

Meridian regulation is the key to good health.

In this episode, she talks about the perils of over reliance on medicine, the importance of managing your emotions, diet and lifestyle choices, and getting good quality sleep especially between 11pm-3am.

Attaining good health is both an art and science. ZZT Meridian Therapy plays a vital role in this delicate balance to help you on your journey towards great health and a good quality of life.

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