Tongue Diagnosis: What Your Tongue Is Telling You About Your Health

Do you know that tongue diagnosis had been used since two thousand years ago? This is one of the many ways TCM practitioners assess your health.

tongue diagnosis chart

How Can Tongue Diagnosis Be Used To Read Your Health?

tongue diagnosis mapIn TCM context, the tongue is thought to be connected with many organs; particularly through the meridians. Meridians are the energy systems that transports “chi” throughout our organs, cells and body. Because of how close the tongue is connected to some parts of the meridians, the tongue can be used for health diagnosis.

Tongue diagnosis is one of the most commonly used method throughout TCM history. TCM practitioner will usually have a look at multiple features of the tongue; including the tongue’s color, shape and coating.

Therefore, we have decided to create a fun & interesting tongue diagnosis health report just for you.

Feel free to just take a snap of your tongue photo and we will whatsapp you your report on your health.

Things To Take Note Before Taking Photo Of Your Tongue

  • Please do not submit blurry tongue photos.
  • Your tongue is best to be taken, before eating breakfast.
  • Do not brush your tongue before taking this analysis. This will interrupt the coating on your tongue.
  • Before the inspection, avoid drinking tea, coffee or other colored beverages.
  • Try to look for a place with sufficient natural light for a greater accuracy of this tongue diagnosis.
  • Try to take a snapshot of your tongue of not more than 15 seconds. Sticking out your tongue for too long will change the shape and texture of your tongue. If you had stick it out for too long, you will just need to take a break for 5 minutes before trying to take another photo of your tongue again.

Registration: Instant Tongue Diagnosis

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We will Generate a FREE TCM Tongue Health Report to you in 3 – 5 Working Days.

**Strictly For Singapore Only.

**Please note that this is meant for education and general reference only. No medical diagnosis must be made in this analysis.

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