Lian He Wan Bao Had Featured ZZT Health

We are glad that ZZT Health had been featured in our Singapore Lian He Wan Bao Newspaper, 7/8/2019 on page 13.

Lian He Wan Bao

Lian He Wan Bao News States That ZZT Health Is A Recognised Award Winning Wellness Therapy.

Gui Xian is like many others who are suffering from diabetes, shares her story with one of our local Newspaper.

Her daughter initially got her to try out ZZT Meridian Therapy.

To her astonishment, her blood sugar level dropped from 11.4 to 9.9 in just approximately 1 hour!

Today, she continues to maintain her healthy diet, healthy lifestyle and also maintaining her meridian circulation through ZZT Meridian Therapy.

Till date on 7 Aug 2019, her blood sugar level is now at 8 during fasting glucose test.

Witness It For Yourself

We are willing to provide a live demonstration to you, in terms managing your blood sugar within 1 hour!

Simply register with us below, while our representative will reserve an appointment slot with you shortly.

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