Beauty Insider Awards 2019: ZZT Health

ZZT Health Beauty Insider Awards 2019

Today, We Are Extremely Excited & Proud To Have Been Awarded By BeautyInsider Singapore as The Winner Of Best Signature Body Treatment 2019.

Apart from winning awards, we have been featured in CNTV & CCTV Media Channels over the past 30 years, and have also appeared in LianHe WanBao & Shin Min since 2017.


Why Have We Been Chosen For This Beauty Insider Awards?

ZZT Health Has Constantly Been Providing Quality Services and Product Excellence.  I-Beauty Medispa Pte Ltd is the Singapore Master Authorized Distributor of ZZT Health in Singapore.

With our unique and revolutionary technology, ZZT Meridian Therapy benefits your health by utilizing a patented form of sound energy. This safely helps to balance, clears and increase meridian circulation throughout the body.

ZZT TCM-ancient scriptZZT Meridian Health employs an ancient concept based on the Esoteric Scripture of the Yellow Emperor (Huangdi Neijing), in which imperial physicians had concluded that the root of many age related diseases or chronic illnesses, are due to a blocked meridian system.

There are already many scientific evidences showing that the quality of our meridians can be influenced and improved, by utilizing sound vibration energies, also known as acoustics.

Thus, in order to promote healthy meridian health, we use acoustic frequency to resonate and restore healthy organ functions.

In layman terms, “if you want your musical instruments to stay in tune, you will need to fine tune it regularly”.

For our health, the patented acoustic frequency of ZZT will influence your meridians and blood circulation, thereby, restoring healthy body balance and detoxifying your organs. In turn, this promotes overall health & mental well-being.

Since the launch of ZZT Health in Singapore in 2017, we have helped hundreds of individuals who are suffering from various forms of aches and pains, to people who have chronic illness, to better manage and improve the quality of their health.

Many Have Witnessed ZZT Health Benefits

ZZT meridian therapy is also very effective when it comes to managing diabetes, blood circulation, cholesterol, hair loss, skin issues, insomnia and increasing vitality.

We are thus awarded the Best Signature Body Treatment in Beauty Insider Awards 2019.

Beauty Insider Awards 2019, By The Largest Beauty eMagazine In Singapore

Beauty-Insider-logoBeauty Insider is one of Largest Beauty Magazine website in Singapore, providing rewards, insider deals and open reviews.

Beauty Insider offers honest, truthful and transparent reviews. Therefore, you can make quality choices before you purchase any services or goods pertaining to beauty, health & wellness.

ZZT Meridian Therapy has been featured within their Beauty Insider Awards 2019 showcase, as the Best Signature Body Treatment.

To access their website on our listings within their Awards, please refer to the link below:

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