Cooling Juice That Clears Body Heat

Cooling juice are refreshingly welcome in Singapore’s blazing heat. As we have stated in another article, Fire: An Element Of Summer, we talked a lot about how to cool the body’s heatiness, due to the excessive hot climate.

Yet the irony is that in many of our seminars we gave, we always emphasize that keeping our body “warm”, clears off body “cold”. Therefore, we have to understand that in TCM definition of cooling, is not the same as cold.

cooling juice watermelon

Cooling Juice? You Said Warm Was Great?

Yes, in fact, “keeping our body warm” will always continue to be the best for the body. Our body works the best in warm temperatures, idealy in the morning.

However, as some people has higher body heat, a cooling juice ,”without the ice!” is a amazing way to cool the body heat down. There are ingredients that you can get from your nearest supermarket, that can help cool the body down.

In TCM, cucumbers and watermelons are also on the top of our cooling list of foods.

Watermelon: This fruit is known to release toxic heat from the body. In some scientific research, it has also some supporting evidence to reduce sunburns.

This juicy fruit makes an excellent drink to many beach goers. It also feels like it is the most suitable fruit that can compliment the blazing temperatures of our Singapore’s weather.

Cucumber: This vegetable is a purifying food, that cleanses our body and blood of toxins, acidity and makes recovery faster. It also contributes a deep cooling effect onto the body.

Particularly with the Japanese cucumber, it has a sweeter, smoother taste that could compliment better as a juice in our Singapore’s hot weather.

Therefore it also makes a lot of sense, when you hear some people use the term, “as cool as cucumber”.

List of Ingredients

Get Yourself Watermelon & Cucumber. Make sure that your combination is 1:1.

Step 1: Dice Your Watermelon & Cucumber.

Step 2: Pour all diced ingredients into the blender.

Step 3: Add a small portion of cold water.

Step 4: Blend it up and serve.

For better and more refreshing taste, you can also add a dash of lemon into your end product.

So the next time when you are feeling that your body is burning up due to the weather, you can blend this simple yet delicious combination, to get yourself a refreshing and tasty juice.

As what all nutritionist say, please take into all consideration that moderation is the key to healthy eating.

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