Seasonal Flu is Coming, Fight it Naturally using These Accupoints

seasonal fluIn TCM context, the seasonal flu or the common cold, is perceived as an invasion of the body by pathogenic factors (邪气), caused by seasonal changes. This battle occurs between pathogenic factors and your body. Thus the body’s immunity is compromised. This results in the production of symptoms like runny nose, cough, dry throat and fever.

The pathogenic factors (ie, wind, cold, hot, dryness, damp), arise from changes in the climate. The two most common ones are the wind-cold flu (风寒感冒) and wind-heat flu (风热感冒).

Wind-cold seasonal flu

  • Happens frequently during colder weathers.
  • Runny nose with chills, fever, along with little or no sweating, cough with clear phlegm and mucus.

Treatment methods like herbal remedy, accupuncture or cupping are usually employed to ease the wind-cold symptoms. Herbs used will usually be warm in nature, like Folium Perillae (Zi Su Ye, 紫苏叶) and Ramulus Cinnamomi (Gui Zhi, 桂枝), which aim to induce sweating to dispel the cold and wind from the body.

Wind-heat seasonal flu

  • Occurs more during the dry seasons.
  • Hot sensations, cough with yellow phlegm, runny nose with yellow mucus, sweating, headache, sore throat, thirsty, yellow urine, dry and hard stools etc.

Treatments are aimed toward expelling the heat and cooling down the body. Herbs frequently used include Fructus Forsythiae (lian qiao, 连翘) and Flos Lonicera (honeysuckle flower, 金银花).

Ultimately, these can be naturally solved by stimulating these accupoints

Accupuncture is a form of traditional chinese medicine practice, which utilizes energy stimulation by inserting thin needles on the body.

With ZZT Sonic Meridian Health Therapy, you are able to stimulate these points effectively without the use of needles.

Without further ado, here are the 3 accupoints that you can use:

LI-20 Accupoint

LI-20, which also known as yingxiang accupoint (迎香穴), means “Welcoming Fragrance”. This is located on both sides of our nose.

This is a main accupoint for clearing the nose and sinus passages. Therefore, people with cold, cough, seasonal flu or allergies, can benefit from this accupoint.

LU-01 Accupoint

LU-01, also known as zhongfu accupoint (中府穴), means “Central Mansion”. 

This is one of the main points of our lung meridian, which is effective in treating imbalance of energy, that results in excess phlegm, cough, nausea and wheezing.

LI-04 Accupoint

LI-04, also known as hegu accupoint (合谷穴), means “Connected Valleys”. This is located anatomically on both sides of the dorsal hand, between the 1st and 2nd metacarpal bones.

This point is beneficial in treating issues, such as fever, dry mouth, sore throat and many ear-nose-throat related conditions.

In Summary

Our body has the natural ability to heal and recover. We highly recommend utilizing ZZT Sonic Health Meridian Therapy on your accupoints, coupled with foods essential for healing.

Please do not hesitate to visit us by making an appointment below, so that we can better understand how to optimize your health through ZZT to effectively fight the seasonal flu.

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