ST36 Stomach Accupressure Point

ST36 Stomach accupressure point

ST36 acupressure point, which is also known as 足三里, is a very well-known acupressure point on the body. It is commonly used by many licensed acupuncturists due to the fact that it holds a lot of major functions in manipulating the meridians, Qi and blood within our body.

Furthermore in scientific context, the stimulation of this ST36 stomach acupressure point has evidences in helping the body decrease inflammation. This is proven as the body reduces inflammation activities (particularly interleukin 6) within the immune system. It also shows improvement in insulin sensitivity and moderation of blood sugar for people who have diabetes.

ST36 acupressure point is used for many digestive issues

ST36 is often stimulated to soothe any digestive disorder because the stomach is responsible for receiving food, along with digesting and breaking down of food. In addition, the stomach qi involved within the flow of Qi downwards, allowing proper digestion and elimination of toxins from the body. This acupressure point on the stomach channel also influences intestines a lot. Therefore, even issues like constipation and bloating are addressed with stomach accupressure points.

ST36 acupressure point is often used by the military in ancient china

Ancient Chinese military troops often practice habits of stimulating it with every mile they walk. This offer them more energy to continue their march. Thus “three li” (三里) means 3 miles. This is how the Chinese name of ST36, zhu san li (足三里) came about, based from historical reference. So you can use this acupressure point for increasing your vitality and energy.

The Benefits of ST 36:

  • Benefits Stomach & Spleen Meridian
  • Tonifies Qi & Blood
  • Revives the Yang and restores consciousness
  • Fortifies the Spleen and Resolves Internal Dampness
  • Nourishes Blood and Yin
  • Clears heat.
  • Increase alertness
  • Regulates the immune system.
  • Regulates blood sugar.
  • Supports digestion of food.
  • Activates the Stomach meridian and relieves pain
  • Regulates the Intestines
  • Helps in hypertension.
Therefore, ST36 has been the preferred choice of many licensed acupuncturist in managing health.

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