Stomach Aches Solved, Thanks to ZZT

Lilian was frustrated with her frequent stomach aches. She had been suffering this for the past decade.

Lilian is a very talkative and beauty conscious lady, who loves to socialize and frequently goes to the gym. Even with her healthy diet and regular exercise, she knows that apart from maintaining her healthy lifestyle, she is missing something, that could bring her health back in balance.

Sometimes, these frequent stomach aches are also accompanied with diarrhoea. In TCM understanding, the common cause of this issue is due to the “wind” and “cold” that accumulates within the stomach meridian. This causes the stomach to be more susceptible to excessive bloating, gastroenteritis, irritable bowel syndrome, and even viral or bacterial infection.

An Old Customer With Frequent Stomach Aches

As she was a 10-years ago customer of I-Beauty Medispa, she had recalled Mary Tan’s expertise on localized fat loss solution and decided to make a visit. What she wasn’t expecting is that, this decision of hers made her health change forever.

In the process of going through the localized fat loss consultation with Mary, Lilian also complained to her on the frequent stomach aches that sometimes she has, especially after taking her meals.

Mary had then proposed her to use ZZT Meridian Therapy and also taught her certain Acu-Meridian Therapy to optimize her gastric health.

Lilian was skeptical but proceed on the therapy, as she trusted on Mary’s expertise as a 40 year experienced as a meridian health and wellnesss advisor.

She had also informed us that her husband was equally skeptical and refused to do, when he learnt about the simplicity in doing this therapy.

After a short period of 1 month, she discovered that the frequency and intensity of her stomach aches started to decrease.

As there was no feeling of any massage or even pain during the therapy, I was pretty skeptical when I tried on this therapy. I am really surprised that this works out for me!

She is extremely grateful that ZZT Meridian Therapy helps her and she is actively sharing this interesting therapy to all of her friends and family members.

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